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Q. How can i retreive my lost password ?
To get a new password, visit Retreive Password. A new password will be generated and will be sent to your email id.
Q. How can i change my password ?
To change your password, visit Change Password
Q. How can i change my email id ?
Please send a mail to and we will change the email id for you. Please do not forget to mention your old email id in the mail.
Q. I am a seller. How can I see all the messages received from buyers?
Please login and visit My Messages page.
Q. I am a buyer. How can I see all the messages I have sent to sellers?
Please login and visit Expressed Interest page.
Q. I am not receiving any emails from Mobiles4Sale
The emails may have gone to your spam folder. Check your spam and bulk folder and add to your contacts list.

Sometimes, some email service providers have problems with delivering mails from Mobiles4Sale. If you have added your mobile to Mobiles4Sale and is not receiving emails, you can see all the inquiries by logging to My Account. If you are not receiving your new password, just send a mail to We will send you the new password.
Q. I have sold my mobile. Still I am getting enquiries through email and phone calls from Mobiles4Sale
This is because the details of your mobile is still there in our database. If you have sold your mobile, we strongly recommend to delete the mobile from the site. You can do that by logging into My Mobiles and clicking on the Delete Button.
Q. Your service was really good. How can I write a testimonial?
You can write a testimonial using the User Feedback form.
Q. I still have some doubts
Use the Contact Us form to send us the query. We will get back to you.
Q. I have found some bugs.
Please report the bugs using the Contact Us form.